Our Guide to LaGrange, GA


Are you looking for a quiet town to settle down in? LaGrange GA might be the right place for you if what you’re looking for is relatively safe neighborhoods with friendly, approachable people and a reasonable cost of living, as well as all the amenities found in large metropolises. All in all, LaGrange is a pretty great place to live.

You will be impressed by the city’s values, local culture, and continual community development. This charming region was incorporated as the county seat in 1828; considering its glorious history, this legendary city is filled with reminders of its notable residents. Let’s discover the beauty of this place together.

What Is LaGrange, Georgia, Famous for?

On one of his long-distance journeys, General Marquis de Lafayette arrived in this region. The amazing landscape reminded him of his estate in France; consequently, this lovely town was named LaGrange (name of his estate in France). This French aristocrat fought for the US during the Revolutionary War and is considered an American hero.

LaGrange is a city of production; it is the county seat of Troup County, known as a major trade and commerce center. Almost 40.12% of the employed residents of this wonderful community are blue-collar workers. It is a welcoming business environment, particularly for service providers, as well as office, sales, and manufacturing workers.

Is LaGrange, GA, a Good Place to Live?

This remarkable place provides a warm and friendly environment. You’ll fall for the beautiful West Point Lake and the typically mild climate of this lovely southern city; May, October, and April are generally considered the most pleasant.

As the 29th largest community in the southeastern US, LaGrange (population: 30,900) is surprisingly slow-paced and traffic-jam-free. Moreover, the cost of living is 18% lower than the national average.

Culture and Things to do in LaGrange, Georgia

Inviting community offers easy access to plenty of cultural, art, music, and other community events. You will enjoy yourself at the symphony orchestra or a ballet company. You might like getting inside the art-making process while enjoying the great sense of wholeness at the art museum.

Viewing visual arts can boost your creativity and foster self-expression. There is also a water park for families to have fun and enjoy. Furthermore, there are two assisted living facilities in this region and five nearby, making it an ideal place for seniors seeking a peaceful and happy place to retire in.

What to do near LaGrange, GA: Chewacla State Park (42 miles), The National Infantry Museum (45 miles), Flat Rock Park (35 miles).

Crime Rate in LaGrange, Georgia?

It’s 14% safer than other US cities & 25% safer than other Georgia cities. We know that crime happens everywhere; luckily, in LaGrange, the crime rate is in deep decline. Recently it was named “Intelligent Community of the Year”!

How Far Is LaGrange from Atlanta?

Located in west-central Georgia, LaGrange is relatively close to Atlanta (only 67 miles or 108 kilometers away); the most accessible route is I-85 S (around a 65-minute-drive).

Other alternatives are I-85 S and US-27 S (72.5 miles; 76-minute-drive); I-85 S, GA-34 W & US-27 S (76.9 miles; 82-minute-drive).

In case you are not a big fan of driving, buses (70-minute-journey) are available and cheap. Some buses take direct routes, and some have layovers, but on average, there are two buses for this route, five days a week. Also, you have several flying options: LaGrange-Callaway Airport is southwest of the city and has about 10 airlines to choose from.

Other Useful Data

Here is a list of other helpful information on LaGrange:

  • LaGrange is the county seat of Troup County, GA, United States
  • LaGrange ZIP Codes include: 30240, 30241 & 30261
  • LaGrange Time zone is Eastern (GMT-5)
  • 11,246 households, and 6,862 families residing
  • The average family size in LaGrange is approximately 3 persons
  • Troup County School System consists of 15 elementary schools
  • There are 16 students per teacher in LaGrange


LaGrange is expected to experience job growth of 39.7 percent in the next decade. This rate is higher than the projected job growth for the entire country! Manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance, and retail trade are the largest industries in the region. 

The finance and insurance, technical services, and utilities sectors pay the highest annual salaries, at $59,028, $47,438, and $45,794, respectively. The cost of living in LaGrange is 6 percent lower than that of Georgia and 12 percent lower than the entire country’s average.

LaGrange Real estate News

Almost 340 undeveloped acres in LaGrange was acquired for $5.7 million recently. There are new developer plans to expand the downtown area and build a brand-new mixed-use community. 
The property sits at Hogansville Road and Davis Road, one of the busiest crossings in Troup County, with a daily traffic count of more than 25,000 cars. The site is located roughly 2.5 miles east of downtown and one mile west of I-85. It can be considered one of the best places to develop new housing and also a very safe place to live in LaGrange, GA.

The Bottom Line

All in all, this growing city provides plenty of recreational facilities for all ages. The region has developed exceptionally fast in the past few years, with new businesses starting and old ones expanding. LaGrange is also a perfect place for seniors who search for peace of mind and warmer weather.

Moreover, for the young seeking ways to have fun, it’s an ideal destination for couples planning to start a family and raise kids in a safe environment with green spaces, fresh air, and nature. Who doesn’t want to experience a reasonable cost of living in a lovely place where the neighborhood is involved and friendly?

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