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    Newnan: City of Homes or City of Apartments?

    You may or may not have noticed the signs around town that say “City of Homes, Not Apartments” and wondered what the message is behind these signs? What are the concerns that citizens of this town are having? The City of Newnan was established in 1828 and was later deemed “The City of Homes” because the town was known for having one of the highest homeownership rates per capita in the United States at the time. Streets throughout Newnan are adorned by historic homes, cotton mills, railroads and other remnants of the town’s rich history. From 2000 to 2010, the City of Newnan saw over a 100% increase in residents, and that number has continued to climb. With the recent booming economy and the movie industry taking up residence in the area, Newnan has continued to see an overwhelming increase of people moving to the area.

    Almost every which way you look, you can see new businesses popping up, new construction homes being built practically overnight, movies and TV shows being shot throughout town, and much more. With the increased activity in this community, it’s a no brainer that people would be flocking to this area to make it their home. As with most growing towns, you begin to run out of places to build and expand horizontally so you begin to see offices, condos, townhomes, and apartments being built vertically to make up for the lack of space. The number of multifamily complexes in the area has grown at a significant rate over the last couple of years. Between the ongoing apartments being built at The Promenade and the proposed apartment complexes off of the Bypass and East Broad Street, it’s obvious that residents of this community would have some concerns.

    With the increase in apartments, what does that mean for homeownership in the area? How does this affect everyday life such as traffic? On one hand, you have the concerned citizens of the town that want to preserve the history and old town vibe that Newnan has to offer. Some might feel that the town could lose its communal atmosphere and that the town’s history and old town charm would be lost in the commercial and multifamily buildings popping up throughout the area. Is Newnan going to turn into another major city? Will the citizens of this town be overwhelmed with an abundance of traffic? Will the increase in apartments take away from the charm that Newnan has to offer? On the other hand, an increase in residents usually aids in local businesses which help to boost the local economy.

    When the local economy is flourishing, so does its residents. Can residents of the community benefit from the added revenue that these apartments can bring? Could these apartments help bring new and younger families to the area? The next City Council Meeting to discuss this debate will be on August 6th at 6:30 pm to give the citizens of Newnan the opportunity to speak on the impacts, whether negative or positive, that these apartments could bring to our town.

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    City of Homes or City of Apartments?

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