Moving to Senoia, Georgia

Moving To Georgia

Are you getting tired of the hustle and bustle of city life in Atlanta? While Atlanta is a great place to work, it can be exhausting living there under the intense city lights. It might be time to take yourself and your family to a more relaxing and quiet location.

Senoia, Georgia, offers some of the best scenery and suburban vibes in all of Coweta County. It is located just thirty-five miles south of Atlanta. It is even the home location for filming the legendary TV series The Walking Dead. Keep reading to find out more about this charming city and how you can relocate from Atlanta to Senoia.

Buying a home in Senoia Georgia

The first step in the moving process is to find a suitable home. Whether you are moving your whole family or just yourself, it’s good to know that the home prices in Senoia are lower than in Atlanta. The average home price is around $244,200, which is about $15,000 cheaper than homes in the big city. 

You should also get a lay of the land before relocating. Check on the vicinity of grocery stores, parks, and major roads. When you move into your new home, you want to be able to quickly run to the grocery store and have access to other important amenities.

With house demand high and supply fairly low, you will have to hire a great real estate agent to help you find the home of your dreams. The good news is that Georgia mortgage rates have never been lower, and you should be able to find the perfect home at a great financed cost. 

Another great thing about purchasing a home in this suburban city is that your real estate agent can help you familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas. It is always helpful to talk to a local person to understand the ins and outs of a new city. 


Before you make the big move, you should consider your commute. Many people keep their jobs in the city and commute from Senoia. The average commute time for residents is about 28.8 minutes. If you plan to commute, your new home should have access to major highways leading to the city. You might want to switch to a more economical vehicle if you plan to commute from Senoia every day. Most commuters take the GA 74 or GA 85 highway route to get to Atlanta. Since both of these highways are well-maintained, the commute is easy. 


If you are moving with your family, then having access to good schools might be important to you. Senoia, Georgia, schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Coweta County School System. There are two public schools in East Coweta, which is a short drive for residents. You will also have access to schools in Peachtree City, GA, which is only a few miles north.

We recommend buying a home with easy access to these schools if you have school-age children. It will make their commute shorter once they get on the bus.

Living in Senoia

Now that you have decided to make the move, what is it like living in Senoia? With its suburban charm and small-town feel, you can find plenty of weekend activities to keep you busy.

Nice House

Things to Do

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then Senoia has you covered. You can sign up to take a Walking Dead tour of the city. It will take you through the most famous areas from the show, and you will get to learn insider secrets while reliving your favorite scenes. You may also visit the famous Nic & Norma’s restaurant, which is owned by special effects guru Greg Nicotero and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

If you are looking for outdoor activities, you can visit some of the many parks in and around the town. The City of Senoia Seavy Street Park offers new and clean playground equipment, a venue area for parties, and artificial turf for kids to play. The area surrounding Marimac Lakes offers great biking trails and picturesque views.

Some people like being on the water more than they like being on land. If this is you, then we recommend checking out Hutchins Lake. You can fish and kayak to your heart’s content. It is a small reservoir towards the North of Senoia.

If you are more of a history buff, you can check out the Senoia Area Historical Society History Museum. The admission is free, and you will get to see the rich historical side of the city you now call home.

Bars and Restaurants

Nic & Norman’s isn’t the only place in town. There are a few other local favorites where residents go to enjoy the warm summer evenings. Another popular spot for date night or a pint is Maguire’s Family and Friends. It is a small Irish-style pub with fresh Georgia craft beer on tap and delicious grub.

Woman in Bar

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or take the kids out for a treat, you can try Main Street Fudge and Ice Cream Shop. The prices are low, and the ice cream is cold. It is a nice treat to help you cool off in the summer.

Crime Rate

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods, and Senoia is one of the safest places in Georgia. The total crime rate is 69% lower than the national average. The violent crime rate is a whopping 94% lower than the national average. You and your family can feel safe in your new neighborhood.


In this guide on moving from Atlanta to Senoia, we have given you the most valuable information to help you make your decision. With low crime rates, access to major cities, and a high livability score, Senoia is one of the best places to live in Georgia. If you are interested in moving away from the often exhausting city life, you should check out Senoia. 

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