Best Neighborhoods in Newnan, GA

Are you considering relocating to Newnan, Georgia? You've arrived at the correct location. This informative article is prepared to help individuals find their ideal neighborhoods, and we have all the information you need to decide if Newnan, GA is the best fit for you.

Let's start from the beginning: the population of Newnan, GA is 42,245. Newnan, GA has a typical household income of $59,977 and a median home value of $201,471.

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The most popular neighborhoods in Newnan GA

Every state and city has popular neighborhoods! Here are the most well-known neighborhoods in Newnan.

White Oak

White Oak is a prestigious residential neighborhood in Newnan, Georgia. The neighborhood is among the biggest and most attractive in Coweta County, with approximately 750 houses.

White Oak, approximately 20 miles southwest of Atlanta, is in a great location to take advantage of all the benefits of living close to a big metropolis like Atlanta without the hassles of traffic and smog. We are only 1.5 miles from I-85 and less than 20 minutes from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the world's busiest airports.

White Oak is also home to two fantastic golf courses operated and maintained by Clubcorp Golf Clubs. Many homes are located right on golf courses, providing spectacular views. In addition to golf, White Oak has homes with pools, two tennis courts, and pickleball courts.


Stonebridge is a lovely 200-acre neighborhood that blends the charm of ancient Newnan with high-end facilities and houses to suit almost any lifestyle. Stonebridge offers resort-style facilities such as a 3-building Clubhouse Village with a fantastic fitness facility, lighted tennis court, park-like playground, and picnic area. Newnan residents may explore the Juniors Olympic Pool with a Splash Fountain water element throughout the warmer months.

What is Newnan, GA known for?

Newnan, also known as the City of Homes, was a flourishing city in the 1800s that sustained a variety of industrial enterprises throughout the Civil War.

To serve as a historical memorial for future generations, the city works to conserve and enhance the historically significant remaining structures in the neighborhood.

Travel through time in a lively city of culture and history, surrounded by stunning architecture, since this city is a physical link to the past, rich with diverse experiences and importance in American history.

Is Newnan, Georgia a Good Place to Live?

Newnan is located in Coweta County and is considered one of Georgia's greatest places to live. Newnan inhabitants enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of people own their houses. There are several parks in Newnan. Newnan is home to many families and single professionals, and people tend to hold moderate political views.

Is Newnan GA a safe place?

Newnan's crime rate is much higher than the median across all municipalities in America, from the highest to the lowest, however, it is not one of the areas with the highest crime rate at 32 crimes per 1,000 population. In Newnan, the chances of being a victim of violence or burglary are 1 in 31.

According to FBI crime statistics, Newnan is not among America's safest cities. In comparison to the rest of Georgia, Newnan seems to have a higher crime rate than 80 percent of the state's towns and cities of all sizes.

What is the best part of Newnan to live in?

Summergrove, Stillwood, and Avery Park are three of the best neighborhoods in or near Newnan, Georgia. Consider purchasing or renting a property in one of these desirable areas.

What are the wealthiest neighborhoods in Newnan?

Summer Grove

Summer Grove has an average real estate price of $407,563, which is higher than 78.9% of Georgia neighborhoods and 65.4 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States.

According to NeighborhoodScout's unique study, the median rental cost in Summer Grove is currently $2,672. This neighborhood's average rental cost is greater than 94.3 percent of Georgia's communities.

Country Manor

Country Manor has a median real estate value of $364,515, which is far more than 75.1 percent of Georgia communities and 61.1 percent of all areas in the United States.

According to NeighborhoodScout's unique study, the typical monthly rent in Country Manor is approximately $2,580. This neighborhood's average rental cost is greater than 92.1 percent of Georgian communities.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Newnan, Georgia?

The safest neighborhoods in Newnan are Arbor Springs, Savannah Woods, Heritage Ridge, and Pine Acres.

What are the best neighborhoods for families in Newnan, Georgia?

Arbor Springs

Arbor Springs is one of Georgia's greatest family communities. In fact, this community is much more family-friendly than 95.1 percent of all Georgia neighborhoods combined. Many families migrate here because of the mix of outstanding public schools and low crime rates, making it easier to socialize and establish a real sense of belonging.

Furthermore, the large proportion of college-educated parents has an impact on the local schools' academic achievements. In general, the Arbor Springs area has all of the resources a family requires to prosper. This area is not just great for families with school-aged kids, but it is also an outstanding alternative for highly qualified executives.

Emerald Hills

For families, the Emerald Hills area is an excellent choice. The combination of excellent public schools, a low crime rate, and mostly owner-occupied single-family homes places this neighborhood among Georgia's top 8.7% of family-friendly areas. Many other families reside in the neighborhood, making it easier to mingle and form bonds.

Furthermore, as seen by the quality of the local schools, families here place a great emphasis on education.

Savannah Woods

Savannah Woods is one of Georgia's top communities for families. In fact, this community seems to be more family-friendly than 96 percent of all Georgia neighborhoods combined. It's a mix of excellent state education, low crime, and single-family houses owned by residents. Furthermore, the large proportion of college-educated parents has an impact on the local schools' academic achievement.

Overall, the Savannah Woods community has all of the amenities that a family may require to flourish. This area is not just ideal for families with student youngsters, but it is also an outstanding alternative for college-qualified executives.

Where Do You Want To Live in Newnan?

Where you will choose to live in Newnan depends completely on your requirements. If you are a family with young children you might want to choose a neighborhood that is more suitable for families. Or if you are a young professional with no kids then you might want to avoid the expensive neighborhoods.

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If you are considering a new home to settle down with your family or an investment opportunity, look no further than the growing town of Newnan.


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